meet your newest hype woman!


a little about my life…

I’m a wedding + portrait photographer based out of College Station, TX- yep. Home of the fightin’ Texas aggies. I’m someone who loves a healthy balance of adventuring with friends and hiding in my room with a book and a good cup of coffee (introverts where ya at?!). You can also find me booking spontaneous trips to places I’ve never been + binge listening to just about every podcast on the world wide web. Or catch me belting out some 90’s country from a sing-a-long playlist.

That picture right over there?! Yeah that’s me and my man- he lives in South America right now, so we’re thriving doing the long-distance thanggg (hollaaa to the other military significant others out there!)

I’ve been shooting couples and senior portraits for over a year now, which has been the most incredible journey. My clients have become dear friends, and I’ve been able to experience love and life like I never imagined. I’m all about using profit to create lasting social change- it’s something that has always been on my heart (head on over to the “become an advocate” tab to learn more!)

But most importantly,

I’m all about the real + raw stuff, not the perfectly posed prom pics.  

I want to hear your hearts. I want to listen to your love story. I want to serve you.

Sound like something you’d vibe with?! Think we’d make a great team?! Whatcha waitin’ for? Let’s get this party started.