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When you choose to work with Divine Perspective Photography Co. you’re helping to end the global orphan crisis.

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The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.
— matthew 25:40

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Every wedding + portrait session booked through Divine Perspective Photography Co. directly helps to fight the orphan crisis through the Archibald Project: 15% of every wedding, portrait, and engagement session will go directly to orphan advocacy. 

Our mission.

Storytelling. Divine Perspective Photography Co. and the Archibald Project are committed to ending the global orphan crisis through advocacy + storytelling. When many of us think about caring for orphans we think "adoption." But adoption, although wonderful and needed, is only one way of caring for orphans. In most cases, adoption is caused by deeper root problems such as poverty, war, disease, lack of education, government policy, and the breakdown of the family. If we can inspire more people to address some of these issues, then we can prevent a child from becoming an orphan in the first place- the Archibald Project is committed to creative, ethical, and sustainable solutions. Because of their commitment to ethical solutions and photographic storytelling, we have committed to a partnership that will change the world.

your impact.

Unicef estimates that there are 140 million orphans, and research shows that poverty is the number one offender. Yes, poverty. Let that sink in. Not death, not lack of love or care. Poverty. We dream of the day when the number of children in the world’s system vanishes! When you book your session with me, 15% will go directly to orphan care + you’ll become an advocate. Our prayer is that you will use the conversations that come from your wedding, engagement, or graduation photos to join the conversation about orphan advocacy. Together, we can change the world. You in?!


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