Taylor flew across the ocean to propose to his lady…

Let me tell ya- it was a DREAM!!!!

I actually met Bri studying abroad. She’s from Oregon- I’m from Texas, but you guys she is my SOUL SISTER.  I found out her and Taylor (who was her bf at the time) were thinking about getting engaged soon, and a few days later Taylor messaged me on Instagram letting me know that he planned to FLY TO SPAIN TO PROPOSE- I love being in on super big secrets. ESPECIALLY the engagement kind (best thing in the world!) Obviously, I shrieked with excitement. Like flying to Spain to propose?! okay sweeeeettt!!!

YEAH. Anyways cue the waterworks because I knew Bri would get to experience one of the sweetest moments in her life in a place that meant so much to her (not to mention freakin’ beautiful)!

SO back to the story… Bri knew that Taylor was coming to see her, so when he got here I got to spend time hangin’ with them and I loved every second. We talked enneagram, good books, racial reconciliation, and cute restaurants.-all the things. On the day of the proposal I was hiding in the Plaza waiting for them to show up, I spotted Taylor out of the corner of my eye and came sprinting out from behind the fountain. He had picked out the exact place in the plaza he wanted to ask for her heart forever, and when he got there he got down on one knee, told her how much he loved her, and asked for her hand in marriage. ALL THE TEARS. Bri was soooooo thrilled, and couldn’t stop staring at the new ring on her hand (which by the way, came from a company that ethically sources their diamonds!). The whole thing was absolutely perfect- well done Taylor.

I was blown away by their love of serving not only each other but so many others. Taylor and Bri have hearts to know people deeply, and they don’t settle for surface level conversation. They pursue, and that’s something I’ll admire for the rest of my life.

Truly we hit it off immediately, and now I’m trying to convince them to move to Texas. (yeeehawwww…;)  

Still swooning over this shoot because I got to capture their love story in Spain. UMMMM STILL WONDERING IF THAT WAS A DREAM?! let me know..

Bri + Taylor

Olivia Curtis